Keith Flack, DDS - Molis Coaching

Dr. Keith Flack has been providing Invisalign clear aligner therapy since 2007 with a focus on the cosmetic benefit of Invisalign. Over the years, Dr. Flack realized that as people age, those with malocclusion or a damaging bite experience more wear, gum recession, tooth abfraction, chipping and fracture which often required subsequent dental intervention. Dr. Flack began correcting how patient's teeth come together as early as possible with the intention of preventing or slowing the inevitable damage. With the arrival of digital impression technology such as the iTero Element, aligning the bite, straightening the teeth and transforming the smile has never been so simple and easy. Now Dr. Flack can provide his patients the best of both worlds, taking advantage of both the cosmetic and functional benefits of Invisalign ... with results of a preventive bite and a healthy, beautiful and whiter smile.

In 2019, Dr. Flack saw an opportunity to drastically improve his Invisalign diagnosis, treatment planning, and overall patient Invisalign experience. Dr. Flack  joined Molis Coaching which is an international Invisalign training company highly endorsed by Align Technologies. Molis Coaching was founded by Dr. Ryan Molis who is has been the #1 Invisalign Provider in North America for many years. Molis Coaching continually trains over 2000 dentists around the world in 12 countries. Molis Coaching has had five MasterMind groups, consisting of approximately 60 dentists, who have personally trained with Dr. Molis, gathering at his Golden Oaks home in Disney World, deep diving on all things Invisalign especially difficult malocclusions. Dr. Keith Flack is a proud member of MasterMind group 4 and has participated with Align Technologies in the development of the Molis Method AI program.

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